Ally to Feature, TV & Commercial Productions everywhere.

Production Assist

The BOT's responsive workflow ensures your work gets completed on time, every time.

Production Assist

Studios, agencies, and production facilities from around the world have come to depend on BOT for outstanding services. From a few shots with a rapid turnaround to a large turnover – the BOT team is dedicated to meeting and exceeding clients’ time and budget expectations.

Human Collaboration,
Robotic Obsession.

A producer to assist you anytime, every time.

Human Collaboration, Robotic Obsession.

BOT recognizes that communication and collaboration is central to productions to achieve the best quality within a budget for all productions. A BOT Producer is present at every stage throughout a project to work with your producers, supervisors and creative team.

Reliable and Secure.

Industrial strength content security as independently audited by MPAA and four Hollywood studios.

Reliable and Secure.

Workflows critically depend on a helping hand that’s not just of expected quality, but is as reliable as clockwork. BOT excels at reliable delivery, and ensures end-to-end security implemented through physical infrastructure, rigorous processes, and policies.

Exactly how much does the BOT do for its clients? Let’s do the numbers.

shot-tasks delivered by the BOT
shows have leveraged BOT services
clients have put the BOT to work for them

How to put the BOT to work for you.

Bid Package

Send the plates or proxy files of the shots to BOT

along with brief description for each task.


BOT returns a bid with pricing per task

and delivery schedule if required.


Evaluate bid and green-light
(or mutually agree on scope/budget changes as necessary);
Transfer required assets.


BOT delivers the shots according to schedule.

Your production team remains in the know

throughout the process.


Review the delivered work and approve
or provide feedback for fixes.

Rinse & Repeat

And we do this over and over again.

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