About bot vfx

bot vfx is a visual effects outsourcing services company catering to clients in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. The company offers foundational digital visual effects services such as prep & paint, rotoscopy, matchmove, rotomation, and asset development. These services are at the core of most visual effects in feature films, television episodic work, commercials, special venue content, and VR projects. bot vfx derives its name from robots, who — like the company — are obsessively dedicated to service. The company fuses that obsessive nature with a distinctly human heart and whimsical character.

A steadfast player in the industry for nearly a decade, bot is headquartered in the U.S. with a wholly-owned production operation in Chennai, India. Production work is performed by a dedicated team consisting only of full-time permanent artists who are trained in industry-standard tools, workflows and pipeline software. Major Hollywood studios and the Motion Pictures Association of America (MPAA) have audited bot’s infrastructure, processes, and policies to ensure that the facility adheres to the strictest content protection practices.

Sreyans, Hitesh, and Deepak at VES Awards Banquet

Sreyans, Hitesh, and Deepak at VES Awards Banquet

bot was founded by Hitesh Shah, Sreyans Bardia, and Deepak Bohra, all of whom share a passion for the industry and for business in general. Hitesh is a serial entrepreneur and VFX industry stalwart who previously founded and sold another visual effects facility. Sreyans’ creative background and Deepak’s adeptness at identifying and managing talent have created a strong leadership triad for the bot.

bot’s clients include major VFX facilities, post production houses and advertising houses who outsource these foundational services to bot to manage the sharp peaks of workload characteristic of the industry, and to free up their resources so they can focus on the key parts of the creative delivery. bot also offers 2D compositing services where outsourcing the complete work on simpler visual effect shots work may be more effective.


<b>Hitesh Shah</b>
Hitesh ShahFounder & Head bot
Benevolent founder & Chief alchemist of the bot Machinery who enjoys a flavorful mix of creativity, technology, and business in his endeavors.
<b>Sreyans Bardia</b>
Sreyans BardiaCo-founder & Dir. of India Ops.
Vigilant constructor and governor of bot’s India production facility, maintaining a delicate man/machine balance.
<b>Deepak Bohra</b>
Deepak BohraCo-founder & Dir. of Bus. Affairs
Wise & gifted developer of talent and overseer of business affairs. Deepak is the only bot bestowed the ‘Sir bot’ salutation.
<b>Hetal Jain</b>
Hetal JainVFX Executive Producer
A valiant champion of client needs, a conscientious negotiator of budgets, and a prolific communicator between bot and our clients.
<b>Camille Geier</b>
Camille GeierExecutive Producer
An urbanite agrarian cultivating rich crops of clients and tending to their needs tirelessly under the harsh rays of production schedules.
<b>Rajesh Babu</b>
Rajesh BabuAssociate Producer
Diligent ambassador to bot‘s clients who ensures their expectations are amply met and exceeded.
<b>Swetha Madapuri</b>
Swetha MadapuriAssociate Producer
An organized and eager steward of bidding, scheduling, and delivery management, maintaining production equilibrium in bot’s Machinery.
<b>Sukumar Sreenivas</b>
Sukumar SreenivasHead of Production
A calm and deliberate force negotiating the often turbulent waters around bot‘s production resources, schedules, and priorities.
<b>Zameer Hussain</b>
Zameer HussainCreative Head
A maestro to bot‘s symphony of artists as they practice their craft, extracting creative excellence with delicate sways of the baton.
<b>Chirag Shah</b>
Chirag ShahAsst. Head of Production
A co-captain in managing the voyage through the vast uncharted seas of production.
<b>Srikanth S</b>
Srikanth S2D Supervisor
A well composed virtuoso of compositing and a learned luminary in bot‘s landscape. A calm supervising force in an often turbulent sea of shot challenges.
<b>A. B. Govardhan</b>
A. B. GovardhanMatchmove Supervisor
Talented overseer of the domain of all things related to tracking (2d and 3d). Wise guru to artists in attaining one-ness with camera motion and object motion.
<b>Mathew S. Augustine</b>
Mathew S. AugustineSystems & Security Manager
Sustainer of the Machinery called bot, and valiant leader to the bots that massage data into submission. Guardian of the infrastructure that protects client content.
<b>Vipul Mehta</b>
Vipul MehtaChief Financial Officer
Nimble master of financials whose spreadsheet sorcery brings the bot‘s assets & liabilities into celestial balance.
<b>Jay (Jayant) Shah</b>
Jay (Jayant) ShahAuditor
Advisor and sage in matters of the financial realm.