About the BOT.

BOT VFX was conceived and launched to make outsourcing of Rotoscopy, Paint, Prep, Tracking and other arduous tasks an entirely seamless part of production pipelines of post facilities globally.

BOT VFX understands that the uncertainties and inefficiencies inherent in creative process outsourcing often threaten to overshadow the benefits. This hurdle to outsourcing is even higher for small jobs, and jobs involving short turnaround times.  The BOT breaks the traditional model by allowing producers to be constantly in the loop, and acts as an extension to the studios so that producers can work hand-in-hand with the same speed and efficiency as when working within their own teams.

So you can put the BOT to work for you by leveraging its robotic level of efficiency coupled with deep industry know-how.   Make the BOT your ally to gain a competitive advantage without putting your deliverables at risk.

Meet the Team.

BOT Leadership is ardent in espousing the belief that while artists in the shop may sweat the details in delivering our brand promise, we stand squarely opposed to becoming a sweat shop.
<b>Hitesh Shah</b>
Hitesh ShahFounder & Head bot
Benevolent conceiver of the Machinery that is the bot. Chief alchemist in synthesizing the oil — made of a secret mixture of creativity, management, and technology — that lubricates the Machinery for smooth functioning.
<b>Hetal Jain</b>
Hetal JainVFX Executive Producer
A vegetarian hunter-gatherer prolific in the intricate art of bid preparation and valiant champion of client needs. A merciless wrangler of schedules and budgets, as well a tireless infuser of levity and fun.
<b>Frederick Lissau</b>
Frederick LissauSr. VFX Producer (NY)
A lyrical conductor of the BOT symphony, producing a mellifluous flow in the VFX pipeline. His masterful coordination from bid to final delivery keeps all the players in tune, on time, and within budget.
<b>Leslie Chung</b>
Leslie ChungVFX Producer (NY)
A discerning digital sherpa, well-versed in sure-footed guidance of shots through even the most challenging virtual terrain. A skilled leader of efficient expeditions to deliver nuanced and artistic visual effects.
<b>Sreyans Bardia</b>
Sreyans BardiaCo-founder, Director, Ops & Production
Brave chieftain and benevolent lord of production operations in India. Vigilant overseer of bot production resources (people, systems and processes) to create the ideal man-machine balance.
<b>Deepak Bohra</b>
Deepak BohraCo-founder & Head of Business Affairs
Noble advisor and wise seer to the bot and facilitator of business operations in India including strategy, HR, finance & regulatory compliance. The only bot bestowed the ‘Sir bot’ salutation.
<b>Sukumar Sreenivas</b>
Sukumar SreenivasHead of Production
A sage of Production Management whose wisdom has been honed over nearly two decades of experience in wrangling production management. Practiced in matters of production in the trifecta domains of VFX, Animation and Game Art, and former member of Pentamedia, DQE and MPC clans where he cultivated his skills.
<b>Chirag Shah</b>
Chirag ShahAsst. Head of Production
Noble wizard gifted in the art of maintaining celestial balance between shots, people and scheduling. A Prodigious coercer of the Machinery’s piece-parts into a cohesive production whole.
<b>A. B. Govardhan</b>
A. B. GovardhanMatchmove Supervisor
Talented overseer of the domain of all things related to tracking (2d and 3d). Wise guru to artists in attaining one-ness with camera motion and object motion.
<b>Sankara Subramanian</b>
Sankara Subramanian2D Supervisor
Guardian of the domain of paint, prep and roto. Noble sage to artists in attaining clean plates and green screen extractions, as well as superb splines. All-knowing soothsayer to aspiring artists.
<b>Srikanth S</b>
Srikanth S2D Supervisor
A well composed virtuoso of compositing and a learned luminary in bot’s landscape. A calm supervising force in an often turbulent sea of shot challenges.
<b>Rajesh Babu</b>
Rajesh BabuProduction Manager
An active practitioner of courage under the fire of day-to-day production management. The distributor cap to the bot Machinery to ensure all cylinders fire fully and in synchronicity.
<b>Swetha Madapuri</b>
Swetha MadapuriProduction Manager
An organized and eager steward of bidding, scheduling, and delivery management in bot’s Machinery serving the noble charter of maintaining (cosmic) production equilibrium
<b>Mathew S. Augustine</b>
Mathew S. AugustineSystems & Security Manager
Sustainer of the machinery that runs the Machinery called bot and valiant leader to the bots that massage and coerce data into submission. Guardian of the infrastructure that guards the bot’s client content.
<b>Jagadish Kumar P.</b>
Jagadish Kumar P.Head - Development
A devout geek and undeterred nerd, steeped in the high art of coding. His affable personality, strong communication skills, and perpetual smile defy stereotypical norms of what nerds should be like.
<b>Jay (Jayant) Shah</b>
Jay (Jayant) ShahHead of Finance
Prolific pundit of profitability with magical Excel powers. A zealous bookworm of the BOT’s books.