Simple Ideas; Powerful Results: Learning at BOT VFX

Simple Ideas; Powerful Results

“Sometimes in Life, we are never sure if an idea will work, however if we have an underlying current of conviction, which just keeps saying that take the plunge, a conviction which just makes you feel restless till you make the announcement to your colleagues and the world that this is it, and together we will have to make it work; then you know you have an Idea which is a winner”

These were perhaps the exact emotions which the Talent Management Team at BOT VFX went through before launching what was a simple idea of doubling up and using our evening snack time for some fun learning. So was born “The BOT 20min Learning Workshops” that turned out to be quite a little bit of “learning revolution” (albeit for a short one month, yet we’d take pride in calling it one).

What followed was exceptional to say the least. The BOTs (as we lovingly call ourselves) went through a month of Non-Stop Learning in the 20min workshops – a new topic of learning day after day, every day, all through the month of October till early November. We had many topics ranging from Carnatic Music to Google Cars, from learning about the Prod Pipelines to Human Anatomy, from Insurance Basics to Computer Assembling, from workshops on Sign Languages to Portrait Painting. Adding to it, we had Camera and Photography workshops and lessons on Time Management. Not to forget the fun session on cutting Comic Clips and the important session about Email Etiquettes. The list and its diversity were endless and we cannot forget the enthusiastic audience at BOT who ensured that sessions were houseful and seats were getting filled the minute registrations opened.

While some may argue saying that topics were not necessarily VFX-related (except for a few), what stood out was the collective urge of BOTs to learn and share each one’s knowledge and the desire to beat one’s own inhibitions and conquering the fear of addressing audiences.

In all of this, clearly with some extraordinary unstinted co-operation of all the BOTs, we had one more WINNER up our sleeve – “The Bot 20 min workshop”- a simple idea with powerful results. Thank you, BOTs, for supporting and making it happen.

Pictures and Posters from the sessions can be found here: BOT EDITORIAL – LEARNING AT BOTVFX ALBUM