Happy Madras Day!

Happy Madras Day

Many may whine its hot, on this the “376th Madras Day” we at Bot feel the city is simply Cool! Where else would we get beaches from Marina to Beasant, the Hot Iddlys and Filter-Kaapis (Coffees) or the rich heritage of Kapaleshwar, the artistic grandeur of Mahabs or extraordinary assembly lines of the worlds biggest automobile manufacturers, where else would we get the Vishwanthan Anand’s and the Amritraj’s, the kolam’s of the morning to hustle bustle “express” shopping of the evening, to some of the best film story-lines to the best possible movie theatres in India and some of the Best VFX artists in India, need we say more, oh yes where else would we have the one and only SuperStar “RAJINI”. Here’s wishing all the people out there in Love with the City, no matter where you are in the world a very happy “MADRAS DAY”.


Pic Credits: Google Images/S Raana Jagatheesa