DRISHYA: The BOT Book of Art


As a visual effects facility, it’s no surprise that creative talent is plentiful at BOT.  However, what is inspiring about the BOT community is how many of the talented VFX artists are equally adept at other art forms and mediums outside of pixels and frames.  Thus was born the idea of DRISHYA: The BOT Book of Art, to convey the boundless creative talent of the bots to the outside world. BOT VFX published this limited-edition non-commercial book as a way to showcase the personal artworks of many talented bots, and to connect artists of BOT with the company’s community of friends, family and supporters across the globe.  

The Hindi word “drishya”, loosely translated, means “visually striking performance or display”. DRISHYA is striking in its rich variety of styles and mediums, and in the self-directed creative energy that is captured in its pages.

The official launch of DRISHYA: The BOT Book of Art took place on July 7, 2018, at the gala tenth anniversary event celebrating the first decade of BOT VFX.  The Honorable Consul General Robert Burgess, head of the United States Consulate in Chennai, was on hand to launch the book.

Take a video tour inside the beautiful pages of DRISHYA: The BOT Book of Art

A grateful client said this of the book after receiving a copy of DRISHYA:

“THANK YOU for the gorgeous book you sent! It’s [a] brilliant way to personalize your company. Especially when a company is overseas, it’s easy for people to forget that there are artists and technicians with unique talents sitting at their desks, working on our shots. I love the idea of connecting the personalities in those pages to the eyes and hands working with us.”

Supporters, friends, and clients of BOT interested in the book can receive a free copy by contacting a BOT team member.