BOT’s Wild Subway Ride with ‘Dave’

Dave S2 subway

BOT took a wild ride on a Korean subway for one of the Season 2 episodes of Dave on FX Network.  

The BOT team created a CG subway station and tunnel, inspired by reference photos from South Korea, and integrated it with the live action footage of Dave and his buddies. Transforming the stationary greenscreen subway into a dynamic vehicle pulling in and out of the train station was a skill-stretching sequence. 

And then there was another unique challenge with this sequence:  what seemed like simple greenscreen key pulls had a lot of shiny chrome reflections in the physical train used while filming, so of course our seasoned roto team rode to the rescue. Additionally, BOT worked its usual VFX magic for a few other episodes of this show with managing bodily function failures, screen swaps, splits, rig removal, and cleanup.  

“Dave is a really funny show with clever writing and we are glad to be a part of it. It was a lot of fun to be involved with a comedy and help get bigger laughs,” grinned VFX Supervisor Sean Pollack. “Looking forward to pushing the boundaries further next season!”