Roto & Extraction

Rotoscopy of characters or objects to produce alpha mattes for VFX Compositing, Stereo Conversion or Color Correction

Layered Alpha Mattes.

The BOT can provide alpha mattes and spline files for ultimate flexibility during comp. Labeled, seperated and ready to go in any comp package.

Green Screen Extractions.

Often Green Screen Extractions are not fully keyable. The BOTs can use hybrid roto and keying approach to achieve clean extractions.

Paint & Prep

Digital Paint and Prep

Digital Paint-in of missing elements or paint-out of unwanted elements.

Clean Plate Generation.

The BOTs can meticulously regenerate parts of an image region in a shot to create the clean plates. Care is taken so that color-spaces are adhered to and that the changes hold up to color correction downstream

Marker & Wire Removal.

By creative sleight of hand, the BOTs remove wires and markers without jitter and with proper re-graining

Dust and Scratch Removal.

It takes a BOT touch to lovingly restore handfuls of frames or entire sections of reels from scratch and dust specs


Matchmove / Camera Tracking

3D Tracking of the camera or object motion to ready a shot for Set Extensions or CG Placement

Camera, Body or Object Tracking.

Regardless of whether on-set camera or survey data is available or not, the BOT’s matchmove sleuths can uncover the camera motion path or match the motion of any element in the shot and place it into a coordinate system that’s ready for your CG artist to work with.


The BOTs can leverage the extracted tracking information to precisely track-in stills (e.g., billboard replacement) or image sequences into a shot (e.g., monitor burn-in).

2D Compositing

2D Compositing

Bringing the different elements together in one single final composite.

A/B or Multiple-Element Comps
Simple A/B to more complex multiple element comps delivered to perfection.

Monitor & Signage Replacements

The BOTs can replace the mobile or television screens and/or monitors to blend seamlessly with immaculate realism.

Asset Creation

Asset Creation

3D Assets custom to your requirements delivered to you poly-perfect!

Hard-Surface Modelling.

Providing you with highly detailed custom 3D Hard-surface models that match your spec and fit right in your pipeline for your assets-library, active VFX, Animation or Game projects.

Texture Mapping.

High-end photo real texture maps to make the 3D models come to life.

Matched to your pace of production.

Not every project has the luxury of time. Your client’s expectations dictate your delivery turnaround – and you want an off-shore partner who understands that dynamic, and works within that pace. The BOTs understand this and have processes that can cater to “short fuse” projects where the output was needed “yesterday” (well, almost).

More deliberate and planned pace of film projects.

Some projects require meticulous planning and a precise delivery schedule. When you face these challenges, our BOT producer works closely with your producer and creative lead or supervisor to ensure the BOT deliveries remain lockstep with your timeframe.

Still have some questions?

While we have quite a few answers to your queries below – we know you’d love to talk to us. So, go ahead … pick up that phone and drop us a hello!

How does it work?

Provide the Bots reference material for your specific shot(s)/sequence(s)/ad spot etc. We may discuss some clarifying questions regarding the scope as this helps make our job easier and provides the best results to you – both in quality and price. A BOT Producer will provide the bid including a tentative schedule and upon agreement, work begins. Once completed, BOT uploads the content to you for review and approval. Throughout the process, the producer is the single point of contact for any questions/issues.

How do I get a bid?

Shoot an email, call or Skype one of BOT’s producers. Send them basic scope information and relevant content (proxy Quicktimes are usually fine), and you’ll get a bid back with shot-by-shot pricing. If it’s for just a few shots for a quick turnaround, we’ll work hard to get a bid back to you the same day. If it’s for a large scope of work, we’ll work out a timeline to get you a detailed bid. In most cases, you’ll get back a bid in one or two days.

We have an established pipeline. Can you work seamlessly within it?

The Bot pipeline is robust and based on industry standards/softwares. Bot VFX can and has in the past acted as an extension to the clients facilities across the globe by providing deliverables which seamlessly work within the clients established pipeline. We follow our client’s naming conventions, folder structure, inputs, outputs, dailies, for all our deliveries. In some rare scenarios where Bot VFX does not use the same applications as the client; the team discusses alternatives and works around to help overcome such issues.

I am only used to working with freelancers. How different is it working with BOT?

If you compare BOT’s service to freelancers who are brought into a facility to work on a project, it’s very different. With BOT, your facility does not have to make seating, workstation, software license, and HR arrangements. Also, BOT charges only for the service rendered, not time spent; so you’re never paying for ramp-up, ramp-down, or wait times as the work ebbs and flows. If you compare BOT’s service to freelancers working outside the facility on a contract basis, then it’s fairly similar; except there are scaling options with BOT that don’t exist readily with the freelancer model. BOT can handle a 20 man-day roto task in 2 days with nothing further; assembling 10 freelance roto artists to engage for only 2 days is a rarity.

What type of inputs can you accept?

We can accept just about anything, however for roto we prefer receiving image sequence as .jpg, tga, .sgi, .tif files. For paint we prefer .dpx or .exr files. For matchmove we prefer receiving undistorted plates as jpg (tga, tif etc would also work). Additionally we also request any on-set info that is collected such as camera/lens, focal length, lens grid, and any set survey data that can be provided to confirm the track. Additionally any reference models that would assist our artists in placing the geo/confirming the track.

What if I don’t like what I get back from you?

Our intention is to get it right within our 1st version. On occasions when our deliverable is not quite there – we can address the specific fixes/notes within our budget – differently said, our bid includes any notes/fixes, certainly additional scope is considered an overage. On very rare occasions we will request a Cinesync/RV session to talk directly to the client supe/artist so that those rare and finicky tasks can be more efficiently resolved and approved.

Can the bot handle object tracking as well as camera tracking?

Yes. BOT can handle both and we can also do rotomation, or matchimation as it’s sometimes called.

What information do you require for a matchmove?

You’d provide BOT with pretty much the same information you’d provide to an in-house matchmove artist: any camera and lens information available to you (including lens grids), relevant set reference and scale information where available, and describe your objective for the solve so we know what to keep the focus on (e.g. “we’re extending set on screen right towards the far back”).

What type of compositing work can BOT help on?

BOT is most helpful with compositing on A over B comping shot types involving multiple live action element integration or where an image has to be burned onto a surface (e.g. billboard in an image or TV monitor or mobile device screen), or where it involves heavy paint work.

Do I ship you a drive?

We prefer to transfer data via ftp, the Bots can provide one or we can use your server. We can also use Aspera, Signiant and other forms of I/O exchange. We prefer not to receive hard drives. Please contact our producers if you really want to ship one.

How secure is my content when I give it to bot?

BOT takes great pains to ensure client content remains confidential. All client content is handled through a production process that is deliberate and comprehensive about security measures. The security measures touch all aspects from employee contracts to network segregation to firewalls to workstation hardware restrictions to CCTV coverage to production floor internet access to forced password renewals.