BOT VFX Operational Update in Light of Global Events

March 16, 2020

Dear Clients,

We want to update you on the happenings at bot in these uncertain times.  At the moment (Monday the 16th), we are still operational and our ability to deliver your work and take on new work is unaffected.  However, as you are aware, things are constantly changing with new data and new governmental steps, and things may quickly move away from business-as-usual.  We vow to keep you informed about changes in our ability to deliver your work.

You likely have questions about our operations and plans as it affects you.  We don’t have clarity on many questions, but here is what we can share in the form of Q&A.

Is Chennai (where bot has its main operation) impacted in any significant way by the virus?

At the moment, it does not appear to be significantly impacted.  There are few known cases of the virus in India, and none particularly in Chennai.  There are no government-mandated actions other than the elimination of large gathering events, conferences and shows.  However, as you are aware, the situation can change rapidly.

Will bot be able to take on new work packages?

Yes, absolutely.  If we learn something new that might impede our ability, we will let you know quickly and be forthright.  If work cannot be completed for any reason after we start the work, you will not be liable for payment.  This is our standard business practice, but it is all the more important to understand right now.

In the meantime, we must as an industry and as an economy, continue business-as-usual practices until something materially and tangibly prevents us from doing so.

Is any of my current work in jeopardy?

No, it is not.  If we learn something new that might change that, we will let you know quickly and be forthright.  We plan to deliver on the scheduled due dates, but wherever possible, we are trying to pull up dates.  That said, we do have to juggle sick leaves and other personal leaves at a time of high health risk.  We are encouraging anyone that feels even a mild form of sickness to immediately leave the offices.

What is bot doing to manage business continuity?

We are taking all recommended tangible steps to mitigate the risks of contamination, including implementation of more aggressive wipe-down and cleaning regimen to maintain high hygiene, training and awareness of team members on good practices, and elimination of processes that require contact (e.g. fingerprint scanner).  We are screening employees who show signs of illness and telling them to stay home.  We have put into place a leadership team protocol for quick response to the changing situation.

Outside of these general steps, we cannot predict any partial or full shutdown scenarios if it comes to that.

As a client, what can you do to help? 

We vow forthright communication.  In exchange, we seek your understanding for any issues and slipped deadlines if any.   Also, if you anticipate slippage in your turnover schedule or delivery requirements, please let us know as soon as possible. On-time payments are also a huge help in these uncertain times.

We know “this too shall pass”, but in the meantime, we collectively have to weather the storm with understanding and strong leadership.

Thank you.