BOT Celebrates Pi Day 2020

Pi Day 2020 is upon us!  It’s party time, so grab your slice of the pie! 

Inspired by this occasion, Hitesh Shah, BOT’s CEO, observes:  “Geometry is at the heart of most GPU hungry VFX software, and VFX geeks like us BOTs have rendered (pun intended) the relationship held between the circumference of a circle and its diameter as sacred.”

Ergo, BOT VFX is all in with celebrating Pi Day on March 14 in honor of the mathematical constant π (pi), the number 3.14 (well, approximately), which is the answer you always get when dividing a circle’s circumference by its diameter.

When π is calculated, there is no end to the resulting string of numbers. It has become the stuff of legend among mathematicians and programmers to aim at finding EVEN MORE than a million places behind the decimal (not a pursuit for the faint of heart). 

Pi Day also coincides with Albert Einstein’s birthday, which makes it an even more pertinent occasion for merriment. 

BOT VFX wishes everyone a very Happy Pi Day 2020!