August 2017

Zam in the bot

Zam in the bot:  No, this is not any deep homage to Ghost in the Machine.  Zam is Zameer Hussain, the compositor extraordinaire who has worked on some amazing shows, and is well regarded as an active mentor to many.  bot is, of course, bot vfx.  Zameer joined the bot clan in late July as its Creative Head and, more informally, as its creative evangelist.

Zameer brings both the creative depth that comes with personally delivering shots on countless shows, and nuanced leadership from managing ever-growing legions of artists […]

July 2017

Mind the Gap – BOTs travel to London

BOT’s continual efforts to nurture existing client relations and build new ones face to face took Studio Co-Founder Sreyans Bardia and Senior Producer Frederick Lissau all the way to Europe’s VFX centre – er…center – London, in the month of June.

While in Germany it was all about planes, trains and automobiles; BOT’s latest travel was through London’s famous Tube.

“From Hammersmith and City to Bakerloo to Central to Victoria to Piccadilly to Jubilee and District & Circle – […]

June 2017

It’s Morphin’ Time for the BOTs!

The responsibility of saving the world from a resurgent alien threat is thrust upon five teenage outcasts with an attitude. Together they must fulfill their destiny under the guidance of a mysterious alien mentor. Sounds familiar? Yep. It’s the Power Rangers in a brand new contemporary makeover! Directed by Dean Israelite, the film boasts a stellar cast, with Elizabeth Banks taking on the role of Rita Repulsa, Bryan Cranston as Zordon and Bill Hader as Alpha 5.

Multiple […]

May 2017

BOTs in Germany

When you think of traveling to Europe, you have grand thoughts of enjoying quiet afternoons sipping a latte at a street-side cafe table, strolling lush gardens, visiting museums, or having a plate of a thousand different types of cheeses – what you don’t expect is a whirlwind of Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

BOT founder and CEO Hitesh Shah and Senior Producer Frederick Lissau set out on BOT’s annual sojourn to Germany the first week in May with the […]

April 2017

BOT VFX Battles it out with Xander Cage

BOT VFX added a dash of their digital magic to the extreme skydiving, jetskiing, fistfighting action in xXx: Return of Xander Cage through their work on over 80 visual effects shots. Third in the xXx series, xXx: Return of Xander Cage follows (obviously) Xander Cage (Vin Diesel), in his adventures as a criminal turned government secret agent. Cage in this outing gathers a team of equally badass cohorts in order to rescue a stolen government super weapon, […]

BOT VFX enters the Dark Dimension for Dr. Strange

Leaping beyond the confines of a comic book panel can be a tricky task, especially when trying to establish a believable world that movie theatre audiences have never seen.  The ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe took on this challenge with 2016’s Dr. Strange.  Directed by Scott Derrickson, it’s not a story of just another city-saving reluctant hero in a cape (actually, in this story even the cape was a hero).  Starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the titular hero, the […]

January 2017

So you think you can Dance?

Exactly a week after I joined as a ‘Bot’, Deepak – the CalmBot’ – messaged me, regarding a guest speaker coming over at the office at 11 a.m.  I thought to myself…
“Hmm… Guest speaker? Must be someone from the industry like an Art director or Creative person or maybe even an Actor (Robert Downing Jr.? Wink wink 😉

For the past week I have been trying to get in the groove of the work culture at BotVFX. Every […]

December 2016

Motorcycle Diaries: Balaji’s Soul-Searching Sojourn in The Mountains

“We ride not to escape life, but for life to not escape us.”

After a whole year of dreaming, planning and deliberating, and six months of mapping out my epic road trip to the magical lands of Leh-Ladakh, I finally hopped onto the train from Chennai to Delhi on the 21st of August, 2016. Choosing the places I would cover on my route was fairly easy, although the North East does spoil you for choices when it comes […]

Cyclone ‘Vardah’ in southern India affects BOT Production

Chennai, the city where BOT has its production operation, has been hit by a cyclone on Monday with major repercussions for the city and BOT’s own operations. Cyclone Vardah, as it’s called, tore through the city with winds upwards of 120 kph and torrential rains that have downed many trees and tree limbs. So far the death count is at 10, along with many injuries throughout the city. We are fortunate in that none of our team […]

BOT VFX’s Special Internship Batch

Presenting to you one of BOT VFX’s proudest moments ever – Our 1st special internship batch for the hearing and speech challenged has just been completed! Thanks to some amazing hard work put in by them coupled with the support from all the other BOTs – this batch has now hit the production floor. We are looking to spread this happiness even more & invite applications for the 2nd Internship for the hearing and speech challenged. Batch […]

November 2016

Motorcycle Diaries: Mahesh’s Kaleidoscopic Bike Trip From Chennai to Manali!

When you get to a certain point in life, you find comfort in monotony, in the predictability, the routine – you know the drill. All’s well until one day, you’re in office, glued to your computer. And slowly, like drums approaching towards you from a distance, you feel it rising – the thumping in your veins, the electricity in the air, the unquenchable thirst for newer sights and sounds. The call of the open road, the pull […]

October 2016

BOTs hits Warp Speed while working Star Trek Beyond

It’s always challenging working on a space epic especially working on the franchise that launched modern fandom! BOT VFX took up the challenge and stepped into the final frontier supporting both Kelvin Optical and Atomic Fiction in creating visual effects for Paramount’s summer blockbuster Star Trek Beyond. Directed by Justin Lin, the film takes the Enterprise crew yet again into uncharted territories, engaging with new aliens, and of course getting mixed up with a new enemy.   In […]

August 2016


A cup of coffee, a few BOTs, an incredible desire to be the change and here you have it.. BOT VFX’s latest and perhaps most incredible idea ever!

Over the years while BOTs have been actively associated with several social impact initiatives be it Flood relief work, making a difference to the lives to the less fortunate, providing clean drinking water at schools or more recently with the Beach cleaning initiative, there was always an underlying feeling that […]

July 2016


The early morning chirping of birds, the light breeze, a small drizzle, a rainbow just appearing out of nowhere creating a wow and an exclamation of Joy! While these are things most of us have experienced as Children, it is hard to guess if the coming generation would ever get to experience the bliss of nature, if the current rate of pollution continues unabated.  It’s a given that our kids and the coming generations would be deprived of […]

May 2016

Winning hearts and awards, the CHAPPiE way.

Image Engine along with BOT VFX win this years Best VFX in a Motion Picture Award in the International Category for their work on CHAPPiE (2015)  at the FICCI FRAMES BAF Awards 2016. Its a moment to rejoice for BOTs as this recognition is yet another testament to the numerous hearts we have won over the years, doing what we love the most  – delivering great quality of work!

BOT Enables Robot’s Digital Existence in Chappie

As if to extend the plot […]

January 2016

Chapman’s Excellent Adventures in Chennai

When a visual effects facility is routinely pushing through work supporting thousands of shots a year for dozens of highly regarded clients, you’d think such a well-heeled organisation wouldn’t be so self-conscious about the inner workings of its production engine. But, that’s exactly what BOT VFX lavishes its focus on, despite its position as a leading provider of supporting services such as roto, paint and matchmove for visual effects facilities.

A few months back, BOT reached out to […]

December 2015

Chennai Floods: Rains may have won the battle, but Humanity wins the War!

Nature’s fury, despondency, helplessness, gloom, destruction … if these were the words the #ChennaiFloods started with, nearly a week later after the biggest rainfall in nearly 100 years which crippled and brought life to a complete standstill, every Chennaite would today proudly say that, more than the destruction they wrought, these floods shall always be remembered as the triumph of the indomitable spirit of humanity in face of the most severe adversity.

Be it risking one’s own life […]

November 2015

Simple Ideas; Powerful Results: Learning at BOT VFX

“Sometimes in Life, we are never sure if an idea will work, however if we have an underlying current of conviction, which just keeps saying that take the plunge, a conviction which just makes you feel restless till you make the announcement to your colleagues and the world that this is it, and together we will have to make it work; then you know you have an Idea which is a winner”
These were perhaps the exact emotions […]

September 2015

The BOT Workshop @ Visual Arts Fest by MOP Vaishnav College

“As Knowledge Increases, Wonder Deepens”, perhaps precisely what the BOT Trio of Sreyans, Sankara and Srikant, on invitation from the MOP Vaishnav College for Women, set out to achieve as they spread the word on the magical world of VFX at the Annual Visual Arts Fest hosted by MOP Vaishnav College. An informal session on the Scope of VFX in Films which started with some jaw-dropping videos and progressing to the nuts and bolts of how visual […]

August 2015

Women in VFX! Coffees, Conversations & More!

On Aug 6th, the LA Chapter of the Visual Effects Society held their first-ever Women in VFX coffee talk in Burbank CA. Along with the two esteemed ladies that co-chair the VES LA Section Events Chair, Hetal Jain, Executive VFX Producer at BOT VFX hosted about half a dozen women from varied walks of Visual Effects.

In attendance were veteran VFX Producer Susan Zwerman, VFX Supervisors, Animators, Look Dev Artists, Pipeline TDs and Nuke compositors.
We gathered to exchange […]


Like a good Dev-challenge?
Show off your dev skills using JS, HTML5 & CSS.  You make the time for the full day event; we provide the problem and the food. Who knows, it might lead to some exciting opportunities at BOT VFX or help you win some amazing Gift Vouchers! Certificates will be given to all Participants.
You’re free to use your own laptop or we can provide a system if you let us know in advance.
Kickoff briefing will be […]

Happy Madras Day!

Many may whine its hot, on this the “376th Madras Day” we at Bot feel the city is simply Cool! Where else would we get beaches from Marina to Beasant, the Hot Iddlys and Filter-Kaapis (Coffees) or the rich heritage of Kapaleshwar, the artistic grandeur of Mahabs or extraordinary assembly lines of the worlds biggest automobile manufacturers, where else would we get the Vishwanthan Anand’s and the Amritraj’s, the kolam’s of the morning to hustle bustle “express” shopping of […]

We don’t give up!

In sport they say “Its hard to beat a person who never gives up” and thats one quality every Bot is good at! It was no different as 6 teams competed and enjoyed some thrilling Volleyball by the beach, congratulations to the winners and to all who gave in some super effort. A Special Mention to Mathew (From IT) and Krishna (From Production) for rounding off the morning with some super Breakfast at namma Murugan Idly. Last yet not […]

Global Desi’s

The 69th Independence Day saw the BOTs immerse themselves in the colours of the country. The fervour of the day was well set with some amazing patriotic music and songs playing as we walked in to the studio, what’s more some thoughtful decor and the chance to paint the town red (well quite literally with our drawings) meant this was one super day when all of us just had one thing to say “Jai Hind”.
We cater the […]

November 2014

The Bot Award Ceremony

In life there are many first times, and this award ceremony like this blog post was the first one for me. Mixed expectations on why, how, what rang through my mind as I sat through patiently waiting for the Master of Ceremony to begin proceedings. What I went through in the next hour just changed my outlook towards the way I looked at a company I admired working for, it just happened that I admired it more […]

The BOT SHORTS 2014 Short Film Festival

When one starts up growing admiring movies and getting to make VFX or movie industry as his choice, the first and foremost dream for every aspiring artist is to make a movie one day, it seems the ultimate standard goal of all artists for time memorial. However in the daily cycle of life, work to home, home to office, family, commitments, loans, mortgages, this unique dream of every artist never see’s the light of day inspite the […]