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The Bot Award Ceremony

In life there are many first times, and this award ceremony like this blog post was the first one for me. Mixed expectations on why, how, what rang through my mind as I sat through patiently waiting for the Master of Ceremony to begin proceedings. What I went through in the next hour just changed my outlook towards the way I looked at a company I admired working for, it just happened that I admired it more !

With chitter, chatter and obviously with Awards to be given away there was a lot of matter, we group of friends giggled and wiggled together as the Award Ceremony began at a really nice Rani Seethai Auditorium, this award ceremony was the first one ever at Bot. Even the heavy downpour could not dampen our spirits. These awards were different, they were not based on a shot, show or performance, these were based on recognizing people right from the start who became the pillars to make what BOT is today. These awards were a celebration of the hardwork and toil put in by no less than 27 people classified as Pioneer and Trailblazer Bots.

What to me was most interesting was the personalized way in which each ones contribution was recognized and talked about, their history of struggles, their humble background and why they were such an inspiration for every young artist looking to make a mark stood out as a unique aspect of this award ceremony.

Not to mention the fact the company recognized and still gave awards to several who had also moved over to other companies, spoke volumes that work may come, people may have come, may have moved, yet their contributions can never be small nor forgotten.

As we bots flipped through a short and sweet video presentation put together by the team with pics from yesteryears making us nostalgic, we just realized how several years of hardwork and step by step learning has made us today what we are, of course with the ever told mantra “that quality is everything” and being an artist can be demanding, all of it is really worth it when you have that golden beauty of an award in your hand with your family and friends and colleagues looking on and admiring.. you simply have a smile which helps you go a thousand more miles!

Thank you BOT VFX for one amazing night of recognition. Congratulations to all the awardees, you guys are an inspiration for the next generation of Bots in the making. Lets keep doing what we do best!

The BOT SHORTS 2014 Short Film Festival


When one starts up growing admiring movies and getting to make VFX or movie industry as his choice, the first and foremost dream for every aspiring artist is to make a movie one day, it seems the ultimate standard goal of all artists for time memorial. However in the daily cycle of life, work to home, home to office, family, commitments, loans, mortgages, this unique dream of every artist never see’s the light of day inspite the best of intents, passion and drive and slowly over the years as our hair starts to go grey, this dream no longer remains in the fray.

One fine day  when we walked into the Studio, we were greeted by a dream – a dream opportunity to make a film and whats more you get to do it with randomly selected colleagues from office, the entire workforce, the entire office, technical, non technical, hr, admin, finance, all into the GAME of movie making. A big bounty announced to the winners, whats bigger though was the Sudden Dawn that we are going to be living the Dream albeit in a short way, who cares, we are going be MOVIE MAKING.

So 2 months of squeezing every possible minute in the tea break, lunch break, dinner break and what not we ended up with 10 short-films from mystery to charity to history to chemistry of friendship, one after the other kept rolling, each having some standout feature which made the short film different from the other. Who said artists are not good at time management, see us for these 2 months and u would feel that the Time Management Pundits could take a lesson or two from us. Well, that’s what passion does, it makes you add the little ‘extra’ to the ordinary.

Be it the award winning film titled “Irony” or the amazingly filmed “Capture”, each one stood out from the other. Lucky were the viewers to experience an amazing dose of fresh creativity and out of the box thinking.

The Bot Short: 'Irony'

The Bot Short: 'Capture'