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Women in VFX! Coffees, Conversations & More!

On Aug 6th, the LA Chapter of the Visual Effects Society held their first-ever Women in VFX coffee talk in Burbank CA. Along with the two esteemed ladies that co-chair the VES LA Section Events Chair, Hetal Jain, Executive VFX Producer at BOT VFX hosted about half a dozen women from varied walks of Visual Effects.

In attendance were veteran VFX Producer Susan Zwerman, VFX Supervisors, Animators, Look Dev Artists, Pipeline TDs and Nuke compositors.

We gathered to exchange stories about the challenges faced by women in this industry as well as developing mentorship and supporting and sharing in camaraderie.

There were floating conversations about challenges in the industry –
Not enough women in the work place, the mutual feeling of the challenges faced by fellow artisan women while starting every project with having to prove their abilities and talents all over again and interestingly  moving on to talk about the joys of wearing whatever, from sweats and flip-flops to suits and heels to work! The most coolest part of the conversations was about being accepted into the male-dominated world for liking horror, science fiction, anime, and essentially being just as much of a super-fantastic nerd as any of those guys!

I believe this will be a great forum for women to mentor each other, while supporting and bringing balance to the world of Visual Effects.

The next ‘Women in VFX’ Coffee Talk is scheduled for Sept 3rd, 2015 to be held at Akasha in Culver City. Get this on your calendar now and BE THERE.


The Nerd Festivities continued with Siggraph 2015 and the VES All Sections Party at the J W Marriott, next to the LA Convention Center, with approximately 150 VES members from across the lands in attendance.  Even though most of Hetal’s time was spent as a volunteer at the check-in desk, She got to meet some of the BOT clients including Refuge, Resistance, Framestore, and our dear Jeff Barnes.

I also met some very interesting people who are developing amazing experiences in the Virtual Reality space.  There was even a live VR Demo set up with an oculus for people to experience the Rings of Saturn.  Overall a really fun event. Looking forward to the next one in Anaheim. – Hetal



Like a good Dev-challenge?
Show off your dev skills using JS, HTML5 & CSS.  You make the time for the full day event; we provide the problem and the food. Who knows, it might lead to some exciting opportunities at BOT VFX or help you win some amazing Gift Vouchers! Certificates will be given to all Participants.

You’re free to use your own laptop or we can provide a system if you let us know in advance.
Kickoff briefing will be at 9:30am.

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Happy Madras Day!

Many may whine its hot, on this the “376th Madras Day” we at Bot feel the city is simply Cool! Where else would we get beaches from Marina to Beasant, the Hot Iddlys and Filter-Kaapis (Coffees) or the rich heritage of Kapaleshwar, the artistic grandeur of Mahabs or extraordinary assembly lines of the worlds biggest automobile manufacturers, where else would we get the Vishwanthan Anand’s and the Amritraj’s, the kolam’s of the morning to hustle bustle “express” shopping of the evening, to some of the best film story-lines to the best possible movie theatres in India and some of the Best VFX artists in India, need we say more, oh yes where else would we have the one and only SuperStar “RAJINI”. Here’s wishing all the people out there in Love with the City, no matter where you are in the world a very happy “MADRAS DAY”.


Pic Credits: Google Images/S Raana Jagatheesa

We don’t give up!

In sport they say “Its hard to beat a person who never gives up” and thats one quality every Bot is good at! It was no different as 6 teams competed and enjoyed some thrilling Volleyball by the beach, congratulations to the winners and to all who gave in some super effort. A Special Mention to Mathew (From IT) and Krishna (From Production) for rounding off the morning with some super Breakfast at namma Murugan Idly. Last yet not the least, our heartfelt thanks to all Bots to turn up at 6:00 AM on a Sunday morning. Now thats what we call “Commitment”.


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Global Desi’s

The 69th Independence Day saw the BOTs immerse themselves in the colours of the country. The fervour of the day was well set with some amazing patriotic music and songs playing as we walked in to the studio, what’s more some thoughtful decor and the chance to paint the town red (well quite literally with our drawings) meant this was one super day when all of us just had one thing to say “Jai Hind”.

We cater the world, with  an Indian heart!


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